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Brother Genuine ink cartridges and toner cartridges

For inks, toners and paper, don't compromise. Choose Brother Genuine Supplies for peace of mind and quality guaranteed.

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Protect your investment with Brother Genuine Supplies

If you’ve invested in a Brother printer, make sure it works at its best by buying Brother Genuine supplies. They’re proven to be better quality, longer lasting and safer than non-genuine alternatives.

Brother Genuine supplies are made to work perfectly with Brother printers and in independent testing by Buyers Lab, 2018*, they passed testing with a 100% success rate. They were shown to offer exceptional-quality images with a wider colour range and reliable page yields.

The choice is clear. If you want professional results and long-lasting performance from your printer, you should always use Brother Genuine supplies

*Independent testing by Buyers Lab, 2018

Why Brother Genuine Supplies?

Perfect print quality every time

Brother Genuine ink and toner cartridges are specifically formulated to limit the risk of smudges and smears. We use the latest colour management technology to ensure our ink and toner cartridges produce the exact pantone colours that you need and don’t fade over time. Ensuring your business’ logos appear the same print after print.


In testing, 90% of non-genuine brands delivered colour photo quality that wasn't deemed good enough to share externally.


Brother Genuine Supplies had the widest colour range and the most consistent colour quality from first page to last.


Non-genuine brands showed a small colour range and large colour variance, resulting in greater inconsistency in colour production.

Consistently reliable ink and toner cartridges

When business is non-stop, it’s often hard to keep up and you just need everything to work perfectly every time. When it comes to print reliability, it matters and having toner cartridges and ink cartridges that you can rely on is important.

Brother Genuine Supplies are rigorously tested to ensure they work perfectly with your printer. Providing you with the high-quality documents that you need.


100% of non-genuine toner brands encountered at least one failure.


Brother toners produced 57% more output on average than the non-genuine equivalents.


One non-genuine brand printed 42,171 fewer pages than the Brother Genuine equivalent


Brother Genuine toner delivered a flawless reliability rating of 100%


68% of non-genuine toners had to be replaced early because of poor image quality.


Brother Genuine toners delivered 100% of the stated drum yield

Tested to the highest safety standards

At Brother, we continually develop our ink cartridges and toner cartridges, to not only print the high-quality documents but to ensure that you don’t come into contact with any potential harmful particles.


One brand assessed by Buyers Lab saw a staggering 80% of its toners leaking straight out of the box, rendering them unusable.


After extensive testing, Brother Genuine Supplies left the printer with barely a hint of toner residue anywhere.


Every non-genuine brand left toner deposits inside the printer. This can cause paper jams and premature wear on components.

The true cost of non-genuine supplies

Independent testing carried out by Buyers Lab highlights the false economy of using non-genuine supplies.

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Buyers Lab independent testing

Find out how Brother Genuine toner cartridges for the HL-L6300DW mono laser printer and the HL-L8360CDW colour laser printer performed against ten compatible brands.