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Brother electrical and automation industry

Electrical & Automation

Whether you are a network contractor, an IT person or an on-site construction technician, Brother labelling solutions are the easiest way to create professional laminated labels. Best of all, they come in different sizes and colours to cater to your wide-ranging industrial needs.
Brother manufacturing industry


Rely on Brother labelling solutions for use in warehouses, machinery workshops and factories. Tested to meet strict manufacturing requirements, our industry-quality laminated labels undergo chemical exposures, extreme temperatures and abrasion to stay secure and legible even under the most challenging conditions.
Brother Education industry


Create professional labels in the school environment with Brother laminated labels. From science laboratory apparatus, textbooks and learning materials to audio-visual equipment, easily identify every asset in your school with clear and and easy-to-apply labels.
Brother healthcare and laboratories industry

Healthcare & Laboratories

Tested to withstand harsh environments in the healthcare industry, Brother laminated labels are constantly exposed to chemicals, abrasions and extreme temperatures. For added security, Brother labels also feature tamper-evident materials in the event a calibration or security label has been meddled with.
Brother retailer industry


Make your products stand out in the retail space with Brother professional labelling solutions. Create colourful, eye-catching laminated or paper shelf labels to accentuate product pricing and sales offers, which in turn, can encourage impulse purchases or facilitate your customers’ purchasing decisions.
Brother hospitality and hotel management industry

Hospitality & Hotel Management

Be it food safety labels, inventory and assets management or hotel corporate branding, Brother professional labelling solutions are ideal in meeting your ever-changing business needs. At a push of a button, create labels that can help you achieve better working efficiencies throughout your organisation.